Red Wine Decanter

Red Wine Decanter

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Fill it up with wine, sit it on your table…and let the good times roll! Give the Turn Decanter a little push every now and then, and it’ll roll gently around your table. This is more than just fun to watch – the process
aerates your wine, helping it taste better than ever!
Then, when it’s time to enjoy your wine, the Turn Decanter comes with its own silver-plated base. Together,
the set makes a dashing centrepiece for your table – and it helps you make the most of your favourite wine!


Decanter made from lead free crystal glass.
Aerates your wine as it rolls around your table.
Includes a silver-plated base which can be used to stand the Decanter.
Hand wash recommended.
Capacity: 1.8 Litres (although it’s recommended that you only fill the Turn Decanter with 800ml of wine if you wish to use the Turn Decanter for turning).